Rider Information

clifshotRider Information

Friday, April 1, 2022. Rider information will be posted on white board at Scotty’s campsite at 8:00 am at Byrds Adventure Center, 55 Miles South of Eureka Springs on Scenic Hwy 215. Address:  7037 Cass Oark Rd, Ozark, AR 72949 and their website is: https://byrdsadventurecenter.com/ Phone number: 479-667-4066.


1-Avoid personal delays and try to take care of business during stops.

2-Everyone ride safely and respects all other riders.

3-You chose your riding partners.

4-You have a GPS and know how to use it.

In order to achieve these goals, each rider should observe the following:
1. Riding skills: ride your level and your track.


2. Please do attend this ride if you like riding in gravel, i.e. steep gravel, deep gravel, loose gravel, steep-deep-loose gravel, large gravel, small gravel, freshly-graded gravel, all kinds of gravel. If you ride backroads in the Ozark’s you will be fine. We ride back roads, public roads, not trails.

3. Ride at your own pace:

NEVER try to catch up to riders in front of you. Ride at your own pace.

4. Safety:IMG_3484

Please leave plenty of room for yourself and the rider in front of you. When he has to slam on his brakes, he doesn’t need you crashing into the back of him and ruining EVERYONE’s day. Also, there is nothing worse than having to change the way you ride all day because of what’s going on in your mirror. If a rider keeps getting too close behind you, let them pass.

5. Gas:

Fill up BEFORE the ride, please. Have a gas tank big enough to go at least 100 miles between fill-ups or carry gas with you. There is no empathy for those who can not/will not follow this simple request. The group suffers for those who do not plan? Poppycock, I say! Prepare!

6. Departure:

Please MEET AT Byrds Adventure Center at 8 am. Fill your tank prior to arriving.

7. Tire repair:

We always, always have a flat tire.

a. All riders with tubed tires should carry a spare tube

b. All riders with tubeless tires should carry a plug kit.

c. Bring a pump.

8. Cash:

Carry cash for gas, please. Rural gas stations often do NOT take credit/debit cards.

9. Food:IMG_5782 .  Lunch will be  “eat off your bike”.
10. Bikes/Tires:

Any adventure bike or dual-sport bike you don’t mind riding in gravel. Plated is a must. Knobbies are a good idea. Ride whatever the hell you think will work for you!

11. If you have a lot of questions call me. Scott: 479-253-3318. If I do not answer, leave a message. I will return your call.

Ride Reports…

Throughout the year we ride the Ozark Mountains searching, exploring, and hunting for the “best” roads for riding our dual-sport bikes. Many choose to communicate through online forums and others find ride buddies during their adventures. Either way, we all want one thing…an awesome, adventurous ride in the Ozark Mountains.